The Workshop is home to charities, social and start up enterprises and artists all with creativity at their heart.
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Institute of
The Institute of Imagination believes imagination matters and we are creating space for children to re‑imagine the world.
Imagination Lab at The Workshop is an innovative and unique space that offers children and their families a range of immersive experiences and activities all aimed at exploring the power of imagination. Participants can explore new ideas, invent new products and build new skills for the future. Imagination has no bounds, so neither do we.

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Migration Museum
The Migration Museum Project is increasing knowledge and appreciation of how migration has shaped Britain across the ages through the creation of an authoritative and inspiring national Migration Museum, a far-reaching national education programme and a knowledge-sharing network of museums and galleries across the UK.  
Their popular and acclaimed exhibitions, events and workshops have been attended by over 90,000 vistors and more than 3,500 school children over the past three years. Staging a dynamic programme of exhibitions, events and workshops at the Migration Museum at The Workshop, telling stories of movement to and from Britain in fresh, engaging and participatory ways. The Migration Museum at The Workshop is a major step towards our goal of creating a permanent Migration Museum for Britain, an essential enquiry into who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

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Progress London
Progress is a social enterprise, founded by Simon Ghartey in 2004, with the aim of educating and fostering communities through the regeneration of their urban space. 

Progress aim to improve the self esteem of people within their communities through work and responsibility in roles, growing their own food or redeveloping the green space around them, all with a focus on positivity.
As a result of their project work they see visible changes within both the participants and the physical spaces that they work with, leaving legacies that make a real difference to communities.

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Vivid Drinks
Vivid is a young London-based company on a mission to sharpen your mind. Our drinks contain Matcha, a high-grade green tea powder from Japan, and we are spreading the spreading the matcha movement across the UK.
Vivid was founded by James Shillcock in London in 2013 and from day one the business has promoted the benefits and importance of a sharp and healthy mind.
Vivid believe that a mind with focus and energy can achieve anything and as such, Vivid support and celebrate some of the world's brightest minds such as musicians, entrepreneurs and artists. Vivid is the drink of choice for organisations such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Barclays, The University of Cambridge and is now also available in Wholefoods, selected Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.
Vivid only ever produce organic matcha green tea and our products are natural with zero sugar or sweeteners.
Sharpen Your Mind – Think Vivid

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Kidesign is a creative organisation that specialises in educational games and toys for children. Kidesign projects aim to teach creative thinking and problem solving skills and inspire the next generation of designers, architects and engineers.
Kidesign enables learning through making and uses technology such as 3D printing and CAD software as a creative tool to reconnect the digital and physical worlds by teaching practical 21st century skills. Since 2010 Kidesign pioneered creative 3D design workshops for children through which we have gathered invaluable research and experience. Thousands of boys and girls around the world who participated in Kidesign activities helped us develop a formula for an educational process that is collaborative, cross-disciplinary and fun. In 2015, we launched the first product for schools - Kideville, a city design project for children, with an innovative term-long 3D design curriculum developed for teachers and educators.
Much like a game, each kid is assigned a creative mission, based on their interests, that takes them through a full design and project management process. The teacher curates this journey that includes research, ideation, sketching, CAD modelling, 3D printing and presenting. Kidesign inspires students to obtain creative skills and knowledge and pursue careers in design, technology and engineering.

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Studio LfH
Studio LfH will house the professional practice of artist Luke Francis Haseler. This will include portrait painting, picture making and other experimentations in visual mediums. Look out for classes and an opportunity to have your portrait made.
MLBD Design
MLBD is a Design and Digital Fabrication workshop that offers a consultancy and a fabrication service for other Designers, Architects and private clients.
Mark Bennett is a Furniture and Product Designer with an aspiration to create honest, affordable and creative works using CNC machinery along with various manufacturing methods. MLBD design and make bespoke products for private clients or fabricate for Architects, Furniture designers, Interior designers and Set designers.
Christopher Baxter
Christopher Baxter is a multi-disciplinary artist working in a variety of materials. His work focuses on traditional drawing and sculptural practice, using many different natural and man-made materials in unusual ways often playing with our preconceived notions of them. A key theme in Christopher's work is one of growth and decay, and our own impermanence. 
Barry Reigate
Barry Reigate is an artist working in various media and disciplines, including drawing, painting, animation and sculpture. Barry will be using the studio to make his large style, collaged, multi media paintings. He will be focusing on using the space together with community participation via workshops in the space. People will have the opportunity to make different elements of the paintings.